Pre-Op & Post-Op IV Drip

When your body lacks essential micronutrients like zinc, selenium, and vitamin B6, it can harm your immune system. Before surgery, replenishing these nutrients can make a big difference in the outcome. It helps by lowering the harmful effects of surgery and anesthesia, boosting your immune system, reducing bruising and swelling, and aiding in better wound healing. Good nutrition is vital for your body to work its best. Before surgery, you want your immune system, blood clotting, and collagen production to be at their peak to prevent infection, bleeding, and scarring. 

The Post Surgery Drip is created to help you recover faster through hydrating your skin cells, promoting the production of collagen and decreasing inflammation. 

Pre-Op/ Post-Op Drip


Indications: optimizing your immune system and nutrient in preparation for surgery 

Key Ingredients: Amino Blend, Mineral Blend, Vitamin C, Vitamins B Complex, Vitamin B-12, Zinc 

Iron Infusion



Iron deficiency anemia- occurs when your blood isn’t producing enough red blood cells, which affects how much oxygen your body gets. Iron is a mineral that helps make hemoglobin, a key player in red blood cells’ ability to transport oxygen. If you lack iron, your body can’t make enough hemoglobin. 

Hemoglobin booster prior to having surgery. If you increase your iron levels through IV infusion before surgery, it decreases the probability of needing a blood transfusion during or after your surgical procedure. 

*Please be advised that blood work will be required prior to receiving iron infusion* 

Key Ingredients: Venofer 

Suture Removal


Removal of surgical sutures on the superficial layer of the skin after surgical incision has healed.

Drain Removal


Removal of surgical drains such as Jackson Pratt or Hemovac drains.

Seroma Drainage


Removal of fluid accumulation that can occur postoperatively.

BBL Optimizer


preserve newly transferred fat after BBL with (Plasma Rich Fibrin) PRF, (must be at least 6 weeks post op) 

Post-Op Massages Packages

Lymphatic drainage massage is a specialized technique recommended for plastic surgery patients to aid in their recovery process. Post-surgery swelling is common, and lymphatic drainage massage stands out as it targets specific areas with gentle pressure and long strokes to facilitate lymph fluid movement, allowing the body to eliminate toxins effectively. This massage can begin typically 24 hours of surgery, with clearance from your plastic surgeon.  

Lymphatic drainage aims to help the body maintain proper fluid balance, immunity, and blood circulation. We harp on the importance of decreasing swelling and inflammation which in turn helps with the healing of bruises and sutures, increasing oxygen flow, reducing discomfort, preventing the formation of scar tissue, fibrosis, and keloid scarring, and aiding in the detoxification of toxins from medications used in the surgical process 

(Suture removal, drain removal & seroma drainage are included when a package is purchased.) 

1 Massage$150
5 Massage$625
10 Massage$1000